Tired with ordinary presentation training? Get the lowdown on how to create brilliant scripts and performances with an award winning stand up comedian. Your staff will be more engaging and memorable in their company pitches and networking as well as having a fun team building experience.

Corporate Comedy Workshops

Corporate Comedy Workshops

Angie’s Corporate comedy workshops combine comedy and personal development to help to inspire people to achieve their true potential in public speaking. Drawing on her experience as an award winning comedian and corporate trainer she teaches people to feel comfortable in being confident, passionate and authentic when networking and presenting. She’s taught all sorts of people to speak with both gravitas and humour, from famous TED speakers to CEO’s of national charities and TV presenters. In corporate settings these workshops help people to re-ignite their passion for talking about what they do for business success and give tips and tricks for nervousness. Delegates get to discover their personal brand in a new dynamic way and learn how to give their public speaking distinction and memorability.

Angie specialises in creating training to help you bring your unique personality and confidence to your interactions at work. Her courses will inspire you to be a better and more confident communicator. These workshops aim to be fun and practical as well as giving you a new found love of talking about your company and yourself.

Benefits of Angie's Comedy Workshops

Bespoke Comedy Coaching
  • Learn why you might struggle to talk about yourself and give tips and tricks for nervousness.
  • Write using entertaining devices to create great presentations with distinction and gravitas.
  • Understand the psychology of audiences and how to create a ‘warm room’.
  • Use your body and voice to command a more confident persona.
  • Write engaging and persuasive scripts.

The Courses

Brand Confidence Master Class

(1 day)

Give your confidence a dynamic spring clean with a day’s training in how to understand who you are and confidently communicate it to others for business and personal success. This workshop will inspire you to look at how you can explain your business, present effectively in networking situations and re-light your enthusiasm for talking about your work. This master class focuses on performance confidence, working with nerves and writing presentations about your story. All participants get to try out their presentations and get personal feedback. An accompanying theory guide is provided which explains the models used during the day.

Speaking Confidence Seminar

(1 hour)

This seminar will give you a whistle stop tour through some of the models and approaches to the psychology of communication and confidence. This short seminar provides and introduction to the psychological theories used in Angie’s courses. There is also a 2/3-hour confidence and practical. The Confidence seminar but with an opportunity for small groups to perform and receive feedback on their presentations

1-1 coaching

Angie can help you write and perform your next important presentation, pitch your networking technique appropriately and give your communication at work authenticity. Angie will help you find out what’s holding you back from taking your space in the world and give you practical exercises to combat nervousness.

Comedy Workshops

(writing and/or performing)

This course can help everyone from people who want some new inspiration for their business presentations or those who find the whole process of talking about themselves nerve wracking.
Whether you are preparing for the next rung on the ladder, looking to spice up your networking interactions or just want some time to focus on how to sell yourself on stage then this is the workshop for you. The course will help you to write memorable presentations, understand your ‘comedic struggle’ and perform like a professional.

These workshops are highly effective in the employability and education sectors too, helping people to prepare for interviews and talk about themselves for career success and promotion. Angie has also run these workshops for vulnerable young people, people in custody, those with learning difficulties and is in great demand to run women only courses. The workshop has been designed to be interactive, educational and above all lots of fun.

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